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To become a permanent resident in Canada, you have to fill out Form- 

If you are an Indian resident and you are planning to settle in Canada, then you surely have heard about the ‘Permanent Resident Visa’. ‘Sparkphase International’ a premiere immigration firm based is offering you the best immigration services to fulfil your aspirations to get ‘Permanent Resident Visa’. 

Permanent resident (PR) is a very much pursued kind of migration status in Canada, particularly by Indian residents. Canada’s Permanent Resident visa gives you a lot of legal rights and abilities in Canada.  

All in all, what is so incredible about having Canadian Permanent Residence Visa? After brainstorming, and getting feedback from the Residents, we have summed up that Canada has a lot to offer from Healthcare, Study, Jobs, Quality life among others. 

What is a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa? 

Originally named and still colloquially referred to as the "Maple Leaf card", the PR card was first proposed in 2001. PR Card is an identification document and a travel document for permanent residents of Canada. It is one of the methods by which Canadian permanent residents can prove their status and is, along with the permanent resident travel document (PRTD). 

There are two types of Permanent Resident or PR card in circulation- I) PR Card 2009 version and II) PR Card 2015 version. 

It is also truth that Canada is known as the brand destination and a amalgamation of urban and rural lifestyle in cool way. You can flourish both professional growth as well as quality life with smart education, health and infrastructure for your family. 

Benefits of Permanent Residency in Canada include- Right to live, work, and study, Healthcare services, social benefits, The permanent residents can also apply for their Canadian citizenship. 

Eligibility Requirements? 

Among the basic requirements to get a PR Visa of Canada are hereby enlisted- 

1) Educational credential assessment (ECA), Original copies and official translations of all documents including (Educational certificates, Experience letters, Language test results/certificate, if any). 

2) Skills assessment test and other documents supporting your visa application. 

Documents Required: 

Among the required documents for a PR visa of Canada, you need to produce documents based on your experience/ qualification and other attributes as listed below-  

Identity Proof, Education Certificates, Employment or Work Experience Letters, Qualifying WES (A verification service to your educational background.) Report 

IELTS Score Card, Valid Passport, Medicals & Police Verification/Clearance Certificate. 

How to Apply: 

To Apply for Canada PR Visa, you need to follow simple steps- 

Canada permanent resident visa is easy to obtain only when you follow ‘Sparkphase International’ detailed procedure. The process to obtain this visa involves an easy five-step process. 

Step 1) Check your eligibility including your education assessment by WES or other related assessing bodies. 

Step 2) Apply online by filling the ‘Application Form', get selected based on your ranking/score. 

Step 3) Receive an invitation and make the final application along with documents and fees. 

With the help of Permanent Resident Visa of Canada, you will not only live a quality life but also approved legally to live and work openly, anywhere in Canada much long you aspire.  

As several PR migration programs are running and hundreds of PR migrant consultant you could contacted but, Sparkphase International services can help you find permit you to acquire your family with you your underlying application form

To turn into a Permanent Resident in Canada, PR Visa holder needs to stay in Canada for a minimum duration of 3 years to be eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship. 

To check your eligibility, cost, processing time & document checklist etc



You are eligible for 40% of consultation charges paid by you to Sparkphase International Pvt. Ltd. if immigration law changes at any point and your application for the same can’t be processed.

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You are eligible for 35% of consultation charges paid by you to Sparkphase International Pvt Ltd. if your application gets rejected from the embassy/High Commission of the concerned country

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The client also understands and accepts that no refund will be given if the client withdraws / abandons his/her

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