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Hong Kong offers various routes to residency for skilled and talented professionals and even to entrepreneurs from India and abroad.  Hong Kong has revised its policies in a new frame for Resident visa aspirants. Hong Kong has opened routes for residency in several categories through employment and investment. A Permanent Residency visa or PR Visa can be granted after seven years of residency in Hong Kong and citizenship can be applied for after ten years. 

To Apply for a Resident Visa in Hong Kong, a visa holder may apply for the Right of Abode in Hong Kong at its immigration department website. 

Some of the advantages of settling in Hong Kong include: 

  • Economic stability, beautiful location, heaven for finance and trading.  

  • Best gateway for trade and investment under Free Economy in the world. 

  • Open and freest market.  

  • Well-established lawful system, English common law and transparent regulations.  

  • No restrictions on capital flows into and out of Hong Kong 

  • Convertible and stable currency, linked to the USA dollar 

  • A global communications hub, with excellent communications infrastructure 

  • World-class international airport and the world's busiest container port 

  • Favourable taxation system for individuals and businesses. 

With the help of Sparkphase International, you can apply for Hong Kong Visa under the categories as defined below-  

General Employment Policy for Visa for Hong Kong Residency: 

Visa applicants should have a good educational background and/or relevant experience and skills. In addition to a confirmed letter of employment and a remuneration package corresponding to the market rate in Hong Kong. 

Canada offers 1st rate settlement options to the trained workers, businessmen and investors from India. Every year, thousands of Indian citizens apply and move to Hong Kong under General Employment policies.  

There are several benefits to reach-out and grab the Hong Kong Resident Visa and that include facilities of employment, government subsidies, health services, equal rights and freedom as equivalent to the people living in the country lawfully. 

With the arrival visa holders can avail monetary aspect and this shall surely increase employment opportunities in Hong Kong. 

The exclusive facilities like- government subsidies in health care, educational and entertainment services, can be availed in the country situated at on the southeast coast of China. 

  • The applicant having a good education background, normally a first-grade degree in a relevant field of employment. 

  • Genuine Employment Requirement in Hong Kong 

  • The applicant has a confirmed offer of employment and is employed in a job relevant to the academic qualifications or work experience that cannot be taken up by the local workforce. 

  • The remuneration package include income, accommodation, health, medical, or other edging benefit is broadly commensurate with the prevailing market level for professionals in Easy Asian country, Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong Residence-by-Investment options 

The Capital Investment Entrant Scheme or Residence by Investment options are temporarily. However, there are other options for particulars who aspire to apply for Hong Kong residence visas through Resident by investment options. These are: 

  • The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is applicable for Indian citizens and it aims to attract highly skilled and employable persons who desire to live in Hong Kong in order to boost the economy, except nationals of Afghanistan, Cuba, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), Nepal, Laos, and Vietnam. 

  • The General Employment Policy sets out the entry requirements for persons who wish to enter or stay in the Hong Kong for professional and employment purposes. 

  • Investors as Entrepreneurs, that's for people who wish to go into or live within the Hong Kong in trade for establishing or joining in commercial enterprise as marketers under the General Employment Policy.  

Hong Kong PR: Quality Migrant Admission Scheme 

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) seeks to attract highly skilled or talented individuals who will settle in Hong Kong. Applicants are required to fulfill a set of requirements before they can be facilitated in one of the two tests. 

  • The General Points Test — Has a passing mark of 35 percent that comprises 5 categories, namely age, academic or professional qualifications, experience, language proficiency, and family background. 

  • The Achievement-Based Test: For applicants who have received exceptional achievement award (such as International awards, Olympic medals, national and international awards) or applicants who can show that their work has been recognized by their squint or has contributed significantly to the development of their field (for example, a lifetime achievement award from their industry). 

  • Applicants who have met one of the criteria under this test will be awarded 225 points; otherwise, no points will be awarded and the application will be rejected. 

For Investment as Entrepreneurs: 

The Investment as Entrepreneurs category sets out the entry requirement for persons who wish to stay in the Hong Kong as entrepreneurs under the General Employment Policy (GEP), in other words, to establish or join a business in free market country Hong Kong. 

  • The applicant should have a good education background, normally a first degree in a relevant field. The applicant will need to initiate or join a start-up business and be in a position to make a substantial contribution to Hong Kong’s financial services and economy, with consideration factors that include- but not limited to: business plan, businessmen, financial resource, employment rate, created locally, and introduction of new technologies and skills, etc. 

  • Overseas Chinese nationals holding People’s Republic of China passports who meet the criteria stipulated above as well as the normal immigration requirements may apply for the Hong Kong Permanent Visa Investment as Entrepreneurs visas if the applicant has permanent residence in overseas countries or the applicant has been residing overseas for at least 1 year immediately before the submission of the Visa application.  

Time Frame & Visa Procedure: 

In order to get any of the above Hong Kong visas, an applicant should submit all the required documents and relevant application forms. Upon the Immigration Department’s receipt of all the required documents, it normally takes four to eight months to process the visa or entry permit applications. 

The approval of applications is entirely discretionary and is subject to changes in government policies. The director of Immigration reserves absolute discretion to refuse any application, even if all criteria for eligibility are met. Successful applicants will normally be granted a limited extended stay of 24 months (only without other conditions of stay upon entry).  

The approval of programs is totally discretionary. The Director of Immigration reserves absolute discretion to refuse any utility, even if all standards for eligibility are met. Successful applicants will commonly be granted a constrained extended stay of 24 months (best without different situations of life upon access). 

Candidates may apply to extend their visit in Hong Kong ahead of their stay terminates. Such applications may be thought of if the candidates keep on gathering the qualification standards under the section for the venture, General Employment Policy, or Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. 


You are eligible for 40% of consultation charges paid by you to Sparkphase International Pvt. Ltd. if immigration law changes at any point and your application for the same can’t be processed.

You are eligible for 35% of consultation charges paid by you to Sparkphase International Pvt Ltd. if your application gets returned from the embassy/High Commission of the concerned country

You are eligible for 35% of consultation charges paid by you to Sparkphase International Pvt Ltd. if your application gets rejected from the embassy/High Commission of the concerned country

Sparkphase International will not refund 18% GST charged on consultation charges as the same is paid to the Concerned departments in monthly basis.       

The refund percentages mentioned above are for the full service fee paid as per the process and not only for the amount paid. Refund percentages are applicable only if the complete fee of the product is paid without any balance. Applicants would not be eligible for the refund percentage if they haven’t paid the complete full service fee mentioned.

The client understands and agrees that the total invoice amount (bill value) will include the Sparkphase International consultation fee and the applicable GST (18%). However, the refund would be calculated only on the Sparkphase International invoice amount and applicant will not be eligible for the Non refundable invoice amount. The GST component is non refundable at any stage.

Sparkphase International will refund a certain percent of Sparkphase International service fee paid by the client as specified in the agreement. The refund will be made within 60 working days after the client submits Sparkphase International Refund Claim Form to Sparkphase International. The client should enclose with the refund request form a copy of his receipt for payment made to Sparkphase International. Failure to enclose this will also make the client ineligible for the refund.

REFUND IN CASE OF WITHDRAWAL:                       

The client also understands and accepts that no refund will be given if the client withdraws / abandons his/her

Application or decides to drop out, due to any reason, during the proceedings after s/he sign-ups.

Sparkphase International is not a part of any government authority/organization or embassy. We are a Private Limited Company and we do not have the authority to grant you a visa of any kind. We can only assist and advice people who want to migrate or travel to their selected country. Please note that the final decision on all visa applications rests with the relevant government departments in their respective countries.

Our agreements with clients are drawn on bedrock of trust, sincerity, and security, and each option is spelled out clearly. Our terms are transparent and there is nothing hidden.

The client agrees and acknowledges that the company doesn’t suggest or force any service/product/visa etc. and the pronouncement of a particular service/product/visa etc. is client’s individual decision and cannot be at any time assumed to be a company judgment.Sparkphase International markets all the products and educates all clients about the opportunities without any external pressure to have decided on this service/product/visa etc..

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