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If you wish to study in Australia, here at ‘Sparkphase International’ brought you the detailed planning to the procedure to get a Student visa. If you aspire to pursue a long-term course in Australia (more than 12 weeks) you are suggested to go with an Australian Student Visa. Australian Student Visa is being facilitated for Foreign students in different classes. At Sparkphase International you are required to apply for a specific class of Student Visa. Going through the detailed requirements depending on your criteria matches to the sub-type of Australian Student visa that includes- a type, of course, duration of course/stay.  

In most of cases, foreign students including Indians who wish to pursue higher education in Australia apply for the Australian Student Visa online regardless of the course/ programme he or she opts for.  

Some of the important points to know when applying for an Australian Student Visa are: 

  • You can make online applications for your Student Visa with ease. In case any hurdle you face feel free to reach out to Sparkphase International; 

  • The application fee for Student Visa is around 620 Australian Dollar (AUD) for subclass. 

  • A student requires to show 62,222 AUD as proof.  

COVID-19 Impact: After the whole world was under the gulp of Covid-19 that erupted from China’s Wuhan, Australian immigration services including Visa norms. Amid pandemic crisis, Australian agencies started pilot Program- ‘Small number of continuing international students who were offered to return to Australia for studies.  

Type of Visas: Australian Student Visa 

The student subclass 500 visa came into effect in July 2016. It covers the complete duration of your study program and lets you stay in Australia for up to five years and in line with your enrolment date. For the base application charge for an Australian Visa, you can contact to Sparkphase International. Some of the charges of obtaining the Australian Student visa include being able to bring a family member to Australia, participate in an eligible course of study, and apply online with the assistance of ‘Sparkphase International’ in or outside of Australia for the choice of course.  

To apply and receive the Australian Student visa, subclass 500 an international student must:  

  • Enrol in a full-time on-campus program in Australia 

  • Have an OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) or fall in either of the exempt categories. 

  • Must be of the minimum age of 6 

  • Have proof of welfare arrangement, if you are less than 18 years old 

Indian students who want to study in Australia, need to obtain a student visa. With a student visa, students are allowed to stay and study in Australia for up to 5 years, at an acknowledged higher educational institute or University. Students can apply for a student visa using their Confirmation of Enrolment letter provided by an Australian University (AU) or the Intuition registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses. 

The Indian students can apply for Australia Student Visa either by creating an online account in Immigration Department or by visiting the nearest Australian visa office in your country. 

Documents Required for an Australian Student Visa 

Essential documents required for Australian study visa for Indian Students are: 

  • A valid passport 

  • Four recent passport-sized photographs 

  • Students filled Australian Student Visa application form (157A) 

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) 

  • English proficiency requirement that include IELTS, TOEFL iBT, Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, and Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) test score is valid 

  • Receipt of the Application fees. 

  • Certificate of Enrolment (CoE) or admission confirmation letter from the University applied/Institution 

  • Student Health Cover (OSHC), Overseas- All the international students must have covered health insurance before applying for an Australian Study Visa. 

  • All academic or study-specific documents and Work Experience Certificates 

  • Proof of financial stability/ability to meet the cost of living (Living, Travel expenses, and Return Air Ticket) which is around AUD 21,041 for a minimum of one year. 

  • Health/Medical Certificate: Indian student should submit their medical check-up records assigned from a doctor who is approved by the Immigration Department of Australia. 

The managerial team at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection takes note of the factors like the applicant’s immigration history, the value of the course the applicant has applied for, considering their future career objective, the potential circumstances for the applicant in Australia, and any other relevant matters. 

If students have managed the entire necessary document according to the Australian student Visa requirements, then they can apply for a student visa in online mode. For any kind of assistance students can contact or rush to ‘Sparkphase International’. 

As per recommendations, students can apply for the Visa at least 12 weeks before their institution’s orientation date. 

Australian Student Visa: Assessment Level 

Currently, there are five Assessment levels in the Australian Student visa application process and these levels are based on Origin Country, Field of study, University student is studying at, and level of Education, based on the Australian, Qualifications Framework (AQF) standards. 

If the applicant is set in the higher appraisal level, the individual needs to submit more archives prior to acquiring an Australian understudy visa. The appraisal level, by and large, relies on past consistency with migration norms and different boundaries that decide the movement hazard.  

Student Australian visa application will be allocated a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) by the Australian Government. 

Student Visa Processing time: 

The processing time normally takes four to five weeks to process, once the application once it was filed. 

If the duration of your course you are admitting to, is more than ten months and completes by mid-December as per the Australian academic year, then his/her visa will expire on March 15, of the corresponding year. However, if the extent of their course is more than ten months and finishes between January and October, then the visa will be valid for two months following the conclusion of the applied course. 

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