Tourist Visa

What is a Tourist Visa ?

A tourist visa must only be allowed to an outsider who doesn't have a home or occupation in the destination country and whose sole goal of visiting that country is entertainment, touring, easygoing visit to meet companions and family members, and so forth No other movement is allowable on a tourist visa. A tourist visa might be given regularly for a quarter of a year to a half year with single, twofold, or various passages and is non-extendable and non-convertible.  

The term of the visa is at the sole tact of the Issuing Authority. All visa charges once paid are non-refundable regardless of the result of the visa application and length allowed. Please note that the legitimacy of the visa starts from the date of issue by the concerned authority of the destination country and not from the date of movement on the applicant's application structure. 

General Records/Documents Required by Visiting Country:  

Remember one thing, any person is eligible to visit any country on a tourism basis for a limited amount of time (depending on the country) barring few exceptions. In order to visit any country, you are required to present the following documents as proof of your legitimacy.  

  1. Tourist Visa Application form of the particular country 

  2. Valid passport of aspirant with at least one blank page (passport must be valid for 3 or more months before making the trip)  

  3. Two Passport/Visa size photos captured at least 6 months before the application 

  4. You will need to present a document that shows where you will be staying while in the destination country. This would include: 1) Identification data and living location of an individual taking care of your travel expenses; 2) ID information and passport number of any relative living in the destination country.  

  5. In-Depth travel agenda- It needs to contain dates of your ahead and in reverse travel. Present an itinerary that gives all the data in regards to how and what you are wanting to do in the destination country. Incorporate the movement dates, places you will visit, meeting plan, booked visit, celebration plan, and so on. 

  6. Biometric information of the visitor (this information cannot be defrauded) 

  7. Previous criminal record if any 

  8. Medical Fitness Record (Mental sanity record also required) 

  9. COVID-19 Test results (although in most cases it will be taken at the airport) 

  10. Details of visitor’s parents/guardians.  

  11. Travel insurance policy (mandatory) 

Note: Most of the requirements mentioned here are similar for many countries however in certain cases requirements may differ according to the diplomatic relations of the countries.  

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