Job Seeker Visa Hongkong

Job Seeker Visa Hong Kong: 

Working in Hong Kong will permit the individual a straight way to get to China. Being one of the biggest business hubs in the world, Hong Kong is incredible for one’s career prospects. The nation flaunts an extraordinary acquiring potential and is referred to for offering incredible professional movement too. The unbelievable transportation framework in the nation is incredible at assisting individuals with moving around quickly from one spot to another effortlessly. The way of life in Hong Kong will assist one with making the most of their time there. The country is also home to some beautiful locales that are worth seeing. 

Occupation Searcher Visa or work visa approval is given by the governing body of Hong Kong to the specialists who are anticipating working in Hong Kong. Contingent on your capacity of the evaluation and execution in fitness, the work visa is given to the up-and-comer. The Hong Kong government gives the visa to the people that are uncontrolled by the locals of Hong Kong.  

Why Indians Should Visit Hong Kong? 

  • Indian food is the most affable thing across the globe. the best thing about Hong Kong is 1/10th of the cafés are owned by Indians.  

  • On the off chance that you love combination-culture, Hong Kong is honored under the thousand years and it's an extraordinary combo of east and west culture blend.  

  • Hong Kong holds an easy tax collection process that pulls in individuals regardless of the increasing typical cost for basic items.  

  • There is an advantage for working individuals in Hong Kong as it offers compensation in addition to convenience.  

  • Dialects spoken are English, Cantonese and Mandarin or a blend. the neighbourhood dialects are not difficult to realize when you are accustomed to living.  

Pros of migrating To Hong Kong- 

  • Hong Kong immigration is affirmed for a 2-year period with an augmentation program of three years  

  • Contingent upon the positive results about your conduct, you may get a qualification of three years  

  • Subsequent to remaining in Hong Kong for around 7 years, you are qualified to apply for Hong Kong Citizenship  

  • Hong Kong holders don't need to show a business offer prior to moving over.  

  • The essential visa candidate can take wif/husband and young wards under 18 to Hong Kong. 

Eligibility Requirements for Applying for A Hong Kong Job Seeker Visa: 

  • The candidate should have a proposition for employment to work in Hong Kong  

  • The applicant must not possess any criminal record 

  • The applicant should have an excellent educational background 

  • The salary that the applicant has been earning must be on par with that of others working in Hong Kong at the same professional level 

  • The employer has to prove that the applicant had to be employed because they have certain skills to take on a job that other professionals in Hong Kong may not have 

Hong Kong Work Visa Particulars- 

Reliably in overabundance to the number of individuals are taking into account the licenses to work in Hong Kong. This is a monstrous open entryway for far-off workers attempting to improve a real presence. Under the Hong Kong Work Permit Visa you can do the following: 

  • Working in Hong Kong, a competitor should have a work permit application  

  • Applicant should have the limit with regards dependent Visas to call you wards  

  • Applying for PR Visa  

  • Profit/salary/incentive earning in Dollars  

  • Voyaging the territory of Hong Kong  

Documents Required: 

Candidates need to have the accompanying archives to acquire a Hong Kong work visa/license: 

  1. Valid passport with at least 6 months authenticity 

  2. 2.Employment visa application form (fully filled)  

  3. Job offer letter 

  4. 2 to 3 latest passport sized photographs 6Travel Insurance 

  5. Health Insurance  

  6. Education certificates (Mark sheet, degree, certificates, etc.)  

General Qualification Necessities:  

  • Have records showing that you have sufficient resources for help yourself and your family during your visit in Hong Kong.  

  • Have no record of any wrongdoing and present a police freedom assertion as check  

  • Are not hostile to Hong Kong's national security & integrity  

  • Should have incredible prosperity and step through a helpful examination at whatever point required  

  • Have no plans to work for a business recorded as ineligible by the organization since they fail to follow certain conditions  

  • Have no plans to work for a business who offers sexual move, escort organizations, striptease, or erotic back rubs  

  • Should be set up to give any records mentioned by authorities to qualify your passageway to Hong Kong. 


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    REFUND IN CASE OF WITHDRAWAL:                                        

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